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Communicating “Free” Can Get Tough

TicketMaster has this great deal with iTunes. You buy tickets, get free iTunes tracks. Excellent.

get free tracks with ticketmaster purchase

Having just bought two tickets to a Cat Power show at the McCarren Park Pool in Brooklyn, NY this summer, I realized it’s not that simple.

What’s complicated about getting free tracks?

It’s hard to believe they are, in fact, free.

$22.55 ($8.85 x 2 + $4.85, and assuming TicketMaster gave $2 facility charge straight to the venue, as their KB suggests) of order charges later, I have 2 free iTunes tracks. I get that TM needs its fees, and that it’s better to have 2 tracks than not, but ultimately…

This consumer experience sucks.

The extra charges are not explained anywhere on the site, they are 25% of the whole purchase price, and made me wonder if I just bought two iTunes tracks.

search results for fee in ticketmaster kb

That said, I can’t wait for the show.

Can ticketing ever be friendly and sexy?


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