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Hype Machine is Looking for Hackers

We are looking for hackers that can’t wait to create a new way to enjoy music on the web. Let’s make this happen.

Write to us if any of these are you:

– You’ve built fast PHP/MySQL/JS/Ajax apps
– You can hack mean & maintainable Perl to do just about anything with XML and other kinds of data.
– You administer dozens of FreeBSD systems and keep them happy

Show us what you are working on, what you’ve built and what you know. You can be anywhere, but if you are in New York, then I can buy you a beer.

Do it!

Hype Machine on Actual Radio

Wednesday night, I will be on Fair Game – “a satirical news and entertainment, weekday evening program hosted by Faith Salie” on Public Radio International.

Use PRI’s station & show locator to find when and where you can hear this episode on Wednesday.

UPDATE: You can hear the segment here. That was fun!


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