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MP3 Blog Top List

Inspired by Alf Eaton’s original MP3 Blog TopList there is now a similar list for blogs that are listed on the Hype Machine.

They are sorted by a score which calculated by multiplying the number of users who have the blog bookmarked at by the number of sites that link to the blog as reported by the Technorati search engine.

Have a look!

You Rock!

A little while ago, I added the ability to include stuff from the Hype Machine on any website. Several of you noticed and did just that.

Thank you!

Here’s who put one of these up so far (in no particular order):

Silence is a Rhythm too
Brooklyn Ski Club
Music for Ants
My Ex Best Friend
Boy and His Blog
Trees Lounge
Kibbe Rocks the City
Shannon Palmer’s arty arty blog
The Ledgers of Life

I think that’s it – I am happy you all found it useful!

If you would like to get a badge too, have a look here

T-Shirt Sites that Don’t Suck

A ton of sites offer t-shirt designs with “clever” jokes, rude messages and “cool” designs. Most are nice to look at on the web but leave you with absolutely no desire to buy (sometimes even with a feeling of disgust). Surely we can do better!

Two sites have got it right: Threadless and Fullbleed. Threadless prints great user-submitted shirts while Fullbleed is a one-man masterpiece shop created by Rob Dobi.

Here is a recent one from Threadless:

Communist Party

and two from FullBleed:

Surf is up!

Business as Usual

The Most Beautiful PDF I’ve Ever Seen

Candy is a bi-monthly, independently produced digital magazine.

The most recent issue features beautiful items made by creative people all over the world.  Even the layout rocks – I just can’t get enough of this.

Yes, it’s a big PDF (32MB), but it’s well worth it!

Put stuff from the Hype Machine on your site!

You can now add a list of the latest tracks from the Hype Machine to your blog or website!

Pick what kind of tracks you want to show up in your badge, copy and paste the code into your template and you are done. The track links lead directly to blog posts that mention the songs.

Right now, you can include the most recent, popular tracks, as well as ones that appear on the Now Playing page of the Hype Machine.

Here is what the “popular tracks” badge looks like:

Try it out!


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