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New Player Update #2

Inspired by Songza & Aza Raskin, we’ve made more improvements in how the in-page Flash player works.

It now appears at the bottom of each page along with information about the currently playing song and stays there as your scroll, making exploring music blogs that much better.

Enjoy and let us know what you think!

New Audio Player!

Thanks to everyone for the feedback you’ve given us over the past few weeks.

We’ve taken a close look at what was and wasn’t working and are excited to share this new update with you!

All Hype Machine pages are now using a new flash player (based on the JW MP3 Player, for those who want to know). It’s also active inside the popup windows on the site.

Here are a few of the things that have been fixed in this update:

– Volume and seeking controls in the player
– Issue where the player would mistakenly go to the next track when it would encounter buffering
– Issue where the player would not advance to the next track if in an inactive tab in Firefox/Windows. Note that this is still an issue in Safari

Just like with everything, would love to hear what you think, so feel free to write.

We Want to Meet ‘taggedhype’ user “taggedhype” (Careful, it’s a big list so may slow down your browser) has managed to take many items in our RSS feed and tag them by genre, name, location (ever visit “british_invasion” ?) or… you name it.

We are not big fans of genres but we do love other ways of sorting content. This is incredible.

We have a feeling this is someone we already know but we’d like to chat about this anyway.

Do you know taggedhype?

Email us if taggedhype is yours or you know who it is!


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