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Frank Zappa on CNN Crossfire in 1986

Stumbled into interesting, and at times surreal, footage of Frank Zappa on CNN Crossfire where he debates free speech & censorship as it applies to music lyrics.

Wikipedia has more to say on the subject, indicating that these appearances were part of a larger debate started by the Parents Music Resource Center in their campaign to create a rating system for music similar to that used by the MPAA. The result was a little different than they hoped, but now CDs with explicit lyrics do carry a relevant generic label we’ve all seen.

Check the two appearances out below – well worth watching if only for Zappa’s arguments:

March 28th, 1986 (Click to watch at Google Video)

June 13th, 1987 (Click to watch at iFilm)

The Hype Machine Wins Best of Mashup Camp 3

Finally got a chance to catch a breath of New York air after spending most of last week in Boston at Mashup Camp 3.

Mashup Camp is an unconference-style event which brings together great minds in the Internet software community and focuses on discussing and creating interoperable services. A good example of a web mashup is an application which utilizes data from several different services and coherently presents this information in a useful way.

The event also features a competition where the attendees have a chance to present their work to small groups of people spending just a few minutes with each group. Afterwards the other attendees can give the creator a wooden nickel as a sign of approval. The project with the most wooden nickels wins.

This year, Hype Machine scored the first place, TourFilter came in second and came in third along with a few other third-place winners.

Lots of other cool stuff presented, good music-related mashups: Gigul8r, Gruvr (save for the names) as well as some amazing data manipulating, mind-melting tools like Dapper. Full list here.

Naturally, since this is an event filled with techies, there is plenty written about it on the blogs and in photos on Flickr.

This was tons of fun!


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