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Shirt Update 2

The shirts have been printed and are now being shipped to our office.  Once they are here we will be packing and shipping them right away.  Stay tuned.

Shirt update

The second Hype Machine t-shirt sold out in under 3 days – thanks, guys! They’re at our printer’s shop now, and should be ready to ship in about 2 weeks. I’ll send out an e-mail to let you know when they’re on their way. Hey, maybe Anthony will even help me pack them this time…

Hype Machine Shirts 2.0

UPDATE 8/12 8:00AM ET: The shirts are now sold out.

We’ve got shirts again! Exactly 129 of them, lovingly designed by Zoya and printed on fine American Apparel stock.

Here’s how they look:

If you aren’t sure about the right time to order, you can always see how many are left right on the Hype Machine homepage, and decide then.

Get one!

By the way, Zoya is also available for graphics/print jobs. She loves making t-shirts, but she’ll design a mean 3-color disc for your band, too.

Hype Survey Results: Describe Hype Machine To Your Friends

One of the best ways I’ve found to see what purpose your site is serving is to ask people how they would describe it to their friends. Often this is different than how a CEO or marketing guy will describe their company. Here’s a sampling of some of the descriptions our respondents gave:

* A site that gives you a quick indication of what other people are currently listening to and an easy approach to online music blogs.
* The Hype Machine is a great site for finding new music and listening to music from artists you might have heard of but haven’t actually heard yet. And since it’s coming from the best music blogs, you can find out about new artists much quicker than via traditional methods. You can also find b-sides, rare tracks, and live cuts that you might not find anywhere else.
* It’s an awesome place to find music that doesn’t suck.
* The Hype Machine is the best way to discover new music as opposed to radio and music television stations. Whereas those two areas are now interested in telling their audience what to listen to, the Hype Machine lets you decide.
* The ultimate means of finding music by independent artists posted in the blogosphere.
* It’s like quality radio used to be, with an awesome request line.

My personal favorite (and winner of best metaphor):
* Looking for music on Hype Machine is like walking through a field of mixed berry bushes. They compile all the songs featured on blogs and lay them all out for you to pick through. Sometimes you can stroll through and find something delicious. And if you’re looking for a specific song or artist, chances are someone’s blogged about them, and it’s there. It’s awesome.

Some of the ones that made us laugh (and maybe a little confused):
* The Pot Of Gold At The End Of A Rainbow
* It is where the music is born, so if you want a first glimpse, you know where I am.
* A cornucopia of LOVE for the adventurous.
* Pirate ship with jet engines… In a Robin Hood kinda way.

Awesome CYHSY photo by Flickr user Tonie.

Total Responses: 1274


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