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What’s new on The Hype Machine this time?

Welcome to the updated Hype Machine! We’ve been listening to your feedback, and have made improvements to help you discover new music to fall in love with, and new blogs you can trust. Let’s see what’s new:

Grouped duplicates: We know, you don’t want to hear the same track five times on one page. Now the duplicates are collected in a list, accessible via the “Posted by x blogs” link under each track name. It’s an easy way to see the chronology of a track’s spread on the internet, and see how frequently it’s being discussed.

Search shuffle: Hit the shuffle button next to the search bar to be taken to a random search, or, on a track page, hit the shuffle button to be taken to a random track. Try it!

Sorted search: You can now sort your search results by the number of favorites, or the number of times a track has been blogged.

Most blogged artists: Quickly sample a track from each of the most-blogged artists of the week.

Browse by genre: Serendipitous music discovery is a wonderful thing, and our Latest page has always been great for that. But for those not brave enough to plunge into uncharted music (yet), we’ve added some categories to help you on your way. We use’s user-generated tags for this, and we think they’ll encourage you to click through into something you weren’t looking for.

Blog directory: Finding a great blog is like making a new friend with an awesome record collection. There are a lot of blogs here, so to make this process less daunting, we’ve organized by tags from their most recent posts. We’ve also added some special house tags, which you can learn about here.

Friend finder: Check to see which of your Twitter contacts also use The Hype Machine, and quickly start following them.

HTML5 support: Yep. Now you can find new music anywhere you bring your iPad.

We’re excited to share these new features with you. Play around, explore the site, and please do let us know if anything is not working correctly.

Special blog tags

We want to make it easier for everyone to explore the wealth of blogs we track here on The Hype Machine. You can use’s music tags to browse by genres, but our set of meta-tags is here to distinguish blogs through some other meaningful criteria:

Featured: about once a week we spotlight one of the hundreds of blog in our directory .This view shows you the recently featured blogs, they are great!

Something different: music that’s not on the Popular page. If you want to discover music you probably haven’t heard before, try one of these blogs.

Female blogger: there just aren’t enough of them.

Original blogger: bloggers who’ve been with us since 2005. That’s a lifetime in internet years, respect your elders!


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