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New Hype Machine Coming Soon

Thanks to everyone who signed up to be notified of the new version of The Hype Machine!

We got exactly 1111 registrations in about 28 hours, and that will do for now (can you imagine that many people in a room?).

Can’t wait to show you what we’ve been upto!

Shipping Hype

While folding, packing and shipping the latest t-shirts we wanted to share the process with you.

Check it out:

Shipping Hype from Anthony V via Vimeo.

Picking out a track to go with the video was easy: we missed a Battles show in NY while packing and had to look no further!

Last shirt update

Thank you for your patience! Shirts were mailed out on Saturday, September 1st. This labor of love was meticulously documented by our staff photographers, so you too can witness the start of your shirt’s journey – soon.


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