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Have you discovered a great band on the Hype Machine? A song you can’t get out of your head? Did you go to a show? Buy a CD?

What artist or song was it? What blog posted it?

We want to know about it all. Tell us already! 🙂

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Unsettling Comic Strips

A Softer World offers beautifully offbeat strips. Here are a few (click to see full size):

a softer world

a softer world

a softer world

Joey Comeau, the co-creator of the comic, also has some really peculiar, cover letters full of everything you ever wished to write in one. Great read.

Search is Temporarily Disabled

I’ve temporarily disabled searching on the site. The volume of searches was getting too high and things were slowing down.

I can’t get another server to expand capacity just yet, but hopefully will be able to soon.

You can still find some of the tracks by clicking on the artist names as they appear next to each track.

UPDATE: I offloaded some of the searching on a temporary server, so searching is back for a bit. Let’s see how this works.

Less is More

Trying out something different:

On the front page with tracks or posts, try the “show fewer” link right next to the date.

This will show only the posts and tracks by the top 50 music blogs. To get back to the normal way of looking at things, click “show more” on those pages, right in the same spot.


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