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Hype Machine for BlackBerry 10

I’ve been a BlackBerry user for 7 years, so it was naturally exciting when BlackBerry showed interest in working with us on a native Hype Machine app for their new line of phones. With their support and the team at Smoke Labs, we were able to make this app a reality!

The first release of the app is now out, with more updates on the way to make stumbling into great music as much fun as it is on the web. The team at CrackBerry also got excited about the release and has more to say there.

If you are wielding a BlackBerry Q5, Q10 or Z10 phones, check out the app!

Introducing: Blog Recommender

Blogs have always been vital to what we do—they are the reason the Hype Machine exists and helps you discover new music. Folks asked for a better way to discover blogs in our directory (and keep their feeds fresh). We tested a number of approaches and landed on the Blog Recommender. The feature is rather simple: it generates a list of recommended blogs based on tracks you’ve loved.

There’s an amazing and ever-evolving community of bloggers out there. We hope the Recommender will help you find more of them!

Let us know how it works for you.

Control the Hype Machine through your phone with

Our friend Ian just launched an app called that allows you to navigate sites with your phone. Naturally, one of the first sites he built support for was the Hype Machine. gives you the ability to play, pause, favorite, skip and return to previous tracks. You can also search and click around the site. The current playing track shows up on your phone, and you can share it on Facebook or Twitter.

The app is available for $0.99 for iOS and Android.

Levi’s Station to Station Blog Radio

Station to Station, a public art project by Doug Aitken made possible with support from Levi’s, is a train traveling across the United States, bringing music, art, and cultural happenings to ten cities along the way. From live performances by artists like Patti Smith, Dan Deacon, and Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti, to talks from slow-food activist Alice Waters, Station to Station connects creative pioneers throughout the country.

We’re proud to join the trip with the Levi’s Blog Radio—a playlist of music being posted by blogs around the destination stations. Click the code of the station nearest you to hear what bloggers are writing about (here’s a list of station codes).

Tickets for some Station to Station stops are still available through the site.


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