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Hype Machine Radio Show #6 + #7

This week’s episode of the Radio Show is now live! Listen below or check out the Radio page to see the full set list and featured blogs.

And just in case you missed last week’s episode featuring Burial + Fourtet, Passion Pit and more:

Don’t want to miss another episode? Subscribe to the podcast feed or tune in every Wed and Saturday at 10pm on Radio Gotham!

[Photo by Valpopando on Flickr]

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It’s that time already! Our Annual User Survey is our time to gather basic details of who you are, how you use the Hype Machine, and what you think we can improve! It’s only 2 pages and will help us make the site even better.

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I think about the Buy Olympia store as Etsy with an editor. They pick some of the best handmade goods around, like gorgeous notecards, t-shirts you won’t find anywhere else and dozens of ‘zines

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Take our Annual User Survey (UPDATE: Now Closed)


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