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We Fixed Stuff!

This past week we’ve been busy fixing lots of things around the site. Here’s what’s up:

– If you use Safari on a PowerPC (and sometimes Intel) Mac, we no longer crash your browser! We are sorry for doing that before; it was totally not personal. Tech details here (Thanks Chirag!)
– If you’re using Safari or IE6, save yourself. But our excellent badge page works as it should again, so go play!
– The site is also a ton faster which we are super-happy about!

Oh yeah, we’ve also re-designed how tracks appear on the site to emphasize what’s important, and make everything easily accessible. Check this out:

New Track Display 1

Now you’ve got easy links to buy the song you are looking at, or check out who heard or loved this song. Click “Fans”, and it looks like this:

New Track Display 2

You can switch the display back by clicking “Download” again. Of course you can still favorite the blog that wrote about the track by clicking the heart next to its name — “78s“, in this case.

Enjoy! Would love your comments as always, though if you say mean things, we reserve the right to mock you back.


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