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Connect your Hype Machine account to Twitter and Last.FM

Some of the benefits of having a Hype Machine user account are cool new ways to share the music you discover.

Connect your account to Twitter and the machine will auto-tweet your favorite songs. Connect to and you’ll be able to keep track of everything you listen to on your profile! Here’s how:

step1 Step 1: After you are logged in, hover over My Profile, then click on Settings.

Step 2: Click the External Services tab and sign in to your Twitter or account. We use OAuth for authentication, so you do not need to enter a password. Do make sure you’ve checked the “Enable” box for each service you want to use, and click Save.

Step 3: You’re done! The Hype Machine will now automatically post tracks you’ve loved to Twitter, and track songs you’ve listened to on your profile.


Hype Machine keeps track of what music bloggers write about.

We've handpicked over 800 great music blogs and then present what they discuss for easy analysis, consumption and discovery.

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