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A Podcast that’s Worth Your Time

I’ve never been able to listen to podcasts. Sure, the idea sounds great, but whenever I still listen to my iPod, I just want music. Not someone talking about music, yesterday’s politics or outdated technology news. All of that I can read when time is right. Add to this the fact that many podcasts out there are of questionable quality and it gets tough to find anything worthwhile.

Contrast Podcast is what I’ve found myself listening to in the recent weeks. It’s an interesting themed podcast created by music bloggers (most of them listed on the Hype Machine) – each participant contributes several minutes of audio, creating a flowing, focused podcast.

The most recent one focuses on instrumental tracks, but with a twist: the bloggers who submit their choice of tracks, have to sing the bit where they introduce the track. An older release gathers songs that the participants enjoyed when they were 16.

See (or listen) for yourself:


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