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Hard Working Class Heroes 2006 Festival (Recap)

Had an incredible time at this year’s HWCH 2006 in Dublin. Niall from the nialler9 blog and his housemates kindly allowed me to stay in their house and we went out each night checking out shows.

So who did I see (with a 10-word or less review of the performance)?

Friday, Oct 13th
Aleko – fine rock-electronica, bad venue sound
The Urges – almost a Doors tribue but not as good
Ham Sandwich – fun but sounded like Yeah Yeah Yeahs in moments
The Immediate – excellent interesting rock
Wintersleep – intense Canadian rockers
Future Kings of Spain – a bit boring, maybe I was too tired to really appreciate

Saturday, Oct 14th
Kill City Defectors – well-done but not awfully memorable
Envelope – enjoyed more rocky show
Channel One – excellent electronica rock show
The Mighty Stef – healthy rock fun
Noise Control – not The Prodigy but the next best thing

Sunday, Oct 15th
Butterfly Explosion – good set but venue sound did not help
Simple Kid – original one man show, interesting use of his tools & powerpoint
Declan De Barra – passionate vocals with a nice cello
Peaches – disappointing, maybe because of venue choice
Valerie Francis – slightly folky, beautiful voice with odd instruments
Giveamanakick – unimpressive punky (but not quite punk) rock

Niall’s take on the three days: Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

In a word, this was a killer way to visit the fine city of Dublin! Loved every bit of it.


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