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So where’s the Flash pop-up player?

We hear you. Here is what happened to the Flash player:

While we were designing the new site, our biggest goal was to showcase the content bloggers are creating to make music discovery more engaging. This is why we get up in the morning and work on Hype Machine.

We looked at our flash player and saw that it was great at:

– Playing music, skipping tracks.

    We also saw that it really sucked at:

    – Displaying clearly visible links to blogs, and buying relevant music.
    – Showing any content at all from the matching blog post. In fact, that just wasn’t in the player.

      Given what we are up to, this player doesn’t work. It was the best we could do at the moment, but did not fully address what we are out to do.

      Right now, we also see that the way audio works on the current site has problems:

      – Songs don’t reliably continue playing once the previous one is done
      – Not always clear what song is playing

        We are working on a way to address these issues and do both: have an amazing listening experience and showcase what bloggers are writing.

        Don’t stop with your feedback.


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