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The Best of New Hype Machine Comments

The Good

The new Hype Machine is brilliant, especially the way the whole page plays like a playlist.

Anthony’s focusing on the right things and that’s why the new Hype Machine rocks.
I wrote a post recently saying that I don’t like favoriting music. But this is different. This is really bookmarking. It does something really useful.

Congrats to Anthony and his crew for making the best site on these internets even better.

povertyjetset: Hype Machine re-deux is freaking AMAZING!
Twitter update

This is totally sweet. The new Hype Machine kicks ultimate ass and takes many names. Hype Machine shows the open Internet is smarter than any one person, and those that use it as open are those that benefit entirely. Walled gardens SUCK. Please don’t parlay into them.

The new Hypemachine interface is so approachable, that even the tail end of Generation Y will ‘get it.’

Hype Machine is way more historically significant than “In Rainbows.”

The Bad:

Get your barf bag ready, this one is a clunky monkey to be sure and the new logo is atrocious, kind of like staring at a steaming turd that’s arrived on your plate at a swanky restaurant only to find a giant slice of undigested corn and a toenail sticking out of the gnarled gooey end. Who designs shit like this? Terrible.

New larger type is horrible. Actually, it’s all sort of horrible. Looks like a site aimed at idiot children.
Hype Machine Blog Comment

Now this site is useless. Completely useless. You aren’t my homepage any longer. You aren’t even bookmarked any longer. R.I.P
PS – have to say it again – YOU BLEW IT.
Hype Machine Blog Comment

Then, there are lots of constructive ones, and while those are less fun, they’ve been hugely useful while tuning the new site. Thank you all for the interest!

UPDATE: Carles offers an excellent “best of” list in comments below.


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