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Welcome to the NEW Hype Machine!

Long story short: we wanted to punctuate the release of the New Hype Machine with something unusual.  Inviting 10,000 strangers to watch that moment together fit the bill. We spent lots of long nights looking over all the details and getting the service ready for you.  And so we wanted everyone to know about it and see it. So that’s what we were thinking.

To those who joined us and waited – THANK YOU.  At 5:23PM EST we had a whopping 3888 people watching.  Thank you for putting up with us, even while the service was not available.

Looking over the data now, we’d hit 10,000 if we keep the site closed for 39 more hours.  That, however, is simply too long to wait.  And so:

Welcome to the New Hype Machine.  We can’t wait to hear what you think!
Go Play!


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