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What’s new on The Hype Machine?

Thanks for everyone’s comments in the preceding post. We’ve been reading and discussing them plenty, stay tuned.

While we tweak the current site, here is:

What’s New in this version of Hype Machine

Favorite anything on the site. Tracks, blogs, searches or other users. Just click on the hearts where they appear and they will immediately be added to your dashboard page.

Dashboard page (looks like, here’s mine, Taylor’s, Scott’s and Zoya’s): shows your favorite tracks, and blogs, searches, people you are watching and who is watching you. You can also share this page with your friends – give them the URL and they can see what you’ve been enjoying on the site.

Love feed: a customized feed assembled from your favorite blogs, searches, and favorites of people you’ve found interesting on the site.

Twitter integration: as you favorite anything on the site, you can share this with the world via Twitter. You can see what it looks like here:

Built-in Video Search: See relevant video right in any search page, powered by

DRM-Free Music Store Search: as you search the site, we search a long list of digital music stores that carry MP3s or DRM-Free AAC files. Then you can see what we found right on top of the page. (Note: we are currently adjusting this feature to include more services and operate faster)

In-page audio player: you can preview any track that has the familiar play triangle next to a heart. The track plays while you are on that page.

What’s NOT new

With the new look and all these tools, many things also stayed the same.

We keep track of the best music blogs on the web. Still doing that, and now we expose even more context for all the amazing content we find. After all, the reason any music matters on the Hype Machine is because writers around the world have found it fascinating enough to write about.

Live Internet radio powered by music blogs. We assemble the most popular, interesting tracks being blogged around the world into one eclectic radio stream.

Instant search: As you are exploring the universe of music blogs, you can quickly see all activity around any band that comes to mind.

Thanks again for all your feedback, and welcome to the new Hype Machine.


Hype Machine indexes hundreds of music sites and collects their latest posts for easy streaming and discovery. We're here to help you find the best new music first.

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