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Last.FM + Hype Machine = Scrobbling Awesomeness

The Hype Machine team are long time Last.FM users (and fans!). We also listen to a lot of music on the Hype Machine, so why not have that music show up on your Last.FM profile? I, for one, always wonder, if I heard a song but it didn’t get scrobbled, did I really listen to it?

Well now you can!

Just go to the homepage and then click “Settings” in the black toolbar. Once you enter your user/pass, just go back to enjoying music on the Hype Machine. All your tracks will be scrobbled to your Last.FM profile page.

While we’re on a roll, we’ve also set up a group for the Hype Machine on Last.FM so you can connect with other Last.FM users and share your HypeM profiles.

This is how music on the web should work, services playing with each other to create meaningful awesomeness πŸ™‚

UPDATE 2008/03/13: Scrobbling is once again operational!


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