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New Dashboard Features!

We’re really excited to launch some new features we’ve been working on. If you check out your Dashboard page you will see our new+improved layout.


Here’s a full run-down:

  • Loved Tracks: We now show your loved tracks by default when you come to your Dashboard page


  • Everything: This is what the old “Love Feed” was, a mixture of tracks from your favorite Blogs, Friends and Searches
  • via Blogs: Only tracks from your favorite blogs
  • via Friends: Only tracks from your favorite people
  • via Searches: Only tracks from your favorite searches (which can be an artist name, a song name, anything really)

Listening History:

  • Your History: Just like Last.FM, we now keep track of what you play on the Hype Machine
  • Your Obsessions: Similar to Your History but shows you the tracks you just can’t get enough of. Good for people like Anthony, who play a track so much they wear the MP3 out.
  • Friends’ History: Check out what your friends are listening to right now. Live social recommendations sans effort!
  • Friends’ Obsessions My favorite new feature, this shows you what all your friends have been playing over and over and over. If a “loved” track from a friend is a good recommendation, this filters that list to the very best.


We’ve also updated the Spy page to include filters by country and popular states/provinces. So you can spy on what people in Quebec, Canada or even Japan are listening to right now!

More paths of discovery to come! Let us know what you think.


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