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Hype Machine User Survey ’08 (Part 1)

Our survey is now closed and 1950 of you completed our survey! Thanks to everyone for their participation, it helps us to better understand our audience and how to better cater to you.

First up are the basic demographics like Age, Sex, Education and Income. You can check out the full charts on our Demographics page but I’ll just summarize here. The majority of you are 18-24 years old, male, attending college, make under $20K (most College kids are lucky enough not to have full time jobs!).

How do you discover new music?

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The overwhelming majority of you use Online Discovery tools (like Hype Machine or surfing artist pages on MySpace), Music Blogs, and friend + family recommendations to find new music. Half of you use Online Recommendation tools like Last.FM or Pandora as well as print (magazines, newspapers) to find new music.

Some other interesting write-ins for ways you discover music:
# Concerts/Festivals (opening acts etc), DJ Sets, Clubs
# Artists on same record label
# iTunes Networking (when you can see shared music)
# “I ask random people on the street with headphones what they are listening to”
# “3000 of my father’s records (deceased record store owner)”
# Webcasts/Podcasts

Where do you spend your music budget?

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The majority of you still spend most of your money to attend concerts. As a believe in the power of live music, this makes me smile. More than half of you still visit record shops and just about half purchase digital music.

Other popular write-ins:
# Music related DVDs/Books
# eBay/Used CDs

How much do you spend on music & music related activites per month?

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95% of you regularly spend money on music with 61% of you spending $20 or more on music every month. Compare this to the $3.33 per month spent by the average consumer (source) and you can see that our audience not only is passionate about music, but supports the industry with their dollars.

How many concerts do you attend per month on average?

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80% of you attend at least one concert per month, with 20% of you attending about 1 per week. This really highlights the fact that we should make it easier for you to find out about concerts. We recently added SongKick to our previous list of Eventful and Upcoming to provide concert data that you see in the sidebar of an artist page.


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