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Hype Machine User Survey ’08 (Part 2)

How would you describe The Hype Machine to a friend?

Just some of the more interesting/entertaining responses:

  • “one of the coolest sites on the web; a great place to find new music; well designed; easy to use”
  • “Most addictive website. Ever. A great place to hunt down new music and make amazing accidental discoveries.”
  • “the best web tool to discovering and finding music”
  • “THE way to find the music you want and discover the music you didn’t know you wanted.”
  • “A great place to hear stuff that’ll be big in six months”
  • “Nearly too good to be true, a fool proof weapon when it comes to seeking new music that you’d otherwise not have a chance in hell of hearing.”
  • “It’s not trying to hard to be some amazing revolutionary social music experiment, it just is.”
  • “a stethoscope on the chest of aural awesomeness.”
  • “The Indie Music CNN”
  • “God’s gift to the internet”
  • “Everything that’s still good about modern music, minus everything MTV turned into.”
  • “The Hype Machine is really what makes the tides work. Screw the moon.”
  • “Will change the way you discover music…I have said this on many an occasion!”
  • “dude, hype machine solvd my problems, physically and emotionally.”
  • “like eavesdropping on a million ‘have you heard this?’ conversations between friends”


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