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Amie Street, Hobnox Audiotool, Grooveshark

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So there are hundreds of music startups showing up everyday. Three of my favorites released new features this week that are worth letting you guys know about!

Amie Street launches updated site

Amie Streets a digital music store that has variable pricing. Everything starts off free, and the price slowly goes up as it gains popularity, eventually hitting 99 cents. You literally get rewarded for taking a chance on new and undiscovered music!

Hobnox Audiotool relaunches

I won’t begin to pretend like I know a thing about audio production or making music, but this in-browser tool lets you create complex setups of real-life looking synthesizers, tools, and effects to edit and record digital mixes. Did I say in-browser already? It’s insanely impressive and should be very useful for musicians. We hung out with part of the team while we were in Berlin, and are excited things are moving fast for them!

Grooveshark launches playlist sharing, and widgets

Grooveshark shut down its old beta site today (buying music through p2p sharing), to concentrate on their Grooveshark Lite product that’s been getting a lot of attention. Check out the above tour (created by my roommate Ben Westermann-Clark) or see for yourself at

Here’s the CMJ Marathon 2008 widget I put together:

Run into any really cool music startups lately? Let us know in the comments!


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