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New Features: Profile Info + Fav Counts + Song Update

New Feature #1: Profile Pics + Info

Finally! You can put a face to your awesome taste in music. To add a profile photo, click the Settings link on the main site, and then click the Picture tab. In the Account tab, you can add your real name, what you’re doing right now, your location and your personal website.
Note: Yes, the default user image is John McCain, so why haven’t you changed it yet?

New Feature #2: Favorite Counts

We’ve added Fav Counts all over the site, so now you can see how many people have favorited a track, and you can even browse the list. We’ve been using this for a few weeks behind the scenes, and it’s been a blast to discover new users this way. You can also browse the Popular page by most favorited (the default is still most played).

New Feature #3: Live Song Updates

On all pages, if we know there are updates in the Machine, we now push a friendly little reminder: “There are new songs. Refresh to see them,” so you won’t miss a beat.


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