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Zeitgeist 2008: Album Submissions Now Open!

UPDATE: The form is has been closed for a few days, stay tuned for the results!

We’ll be launching another fantastic Music Blog Zeitgeist later this month capturing the best artists, albums and songs of 2008 (with a few extra surprises!).

Want to participate? Here’s how:
1) You need to have a blog (doesn’t matter if you aren’t listed on The Hype Machine, we want your opinions too!)
2) You need to post your Top 10 Albums of 2008 list
3) Head over to the Top 10 Album Submission Form and submit your data.

That’s it! You’re votes will be included in and will be presented on our site (check out last year’s listings for an example). Help us spread the word, as the form will close on December 15th.


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