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We are experimenting

We are gradually releasing parts of a new update that we started over the weekend.

An important change on the front page is the selection of blogs we draw from.  By default, we now show posts from the top 100 music blogs as reported by Technorati, Delicious and our data.  You can click “all blogs” to see the latest posts from all blogs we index.

This is an ongoing experiment and we are likely to tweak this further.  We want to see what changes we’ll see in the usage when we make the front page move slower and have a more recognizable set of blogs in the set.  This is all to make it friendlier and accessible to those typing in “” for the first time.

Would love your thoughts on this as well, comment or email us.

UPDATE 2009-03-10: We are close to releasing a new experimental update that uses an idea suggested by Jeff from the Heart on a Stick blog: having the front page list one post per day (24h) per blog for all blogs. The post may contain multiple tracks but only one (typically the first one in the 24h period) will be visible. This will be default view. It addresses our concerns about volume on the front page as well as flattens the playing field for many blogs out there. What do you think?

The full view and the top 100 views will also be available.

UPDATE 2009-03-10 6:30PM ET: The new view is live:


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