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When two music services love each other very much…

We love the integration of useful, well-made services on the internet. That’s why we let you scrobble to, tweet about your new favorite song, and find show dates right in our sidebar.

Well, we’ve been hosting our radio shows with SoundCloud, and bloggers kept asking, “If you love SoundCloud so much, why don’t you aggregate it?” So now…we can!

Tracks that are shared via embedded SoundCloud players will show up on The Hype Machine so bloggers using this great service don’t need to re-host the files elsewhere. The writers have an easier time sharing the music they’re discussing, artists who upload their songs to SoundCloud have an easier time checking their play counts using SoundCloud’s analytics, and everyone has an even better music experience.

You can read more about this on the SoundCloud blog and watch a video of SoundCloud’s Alex Ljung talking about our partnership here. CNet has more here as well.

Isn’t it beautiful when everything just works together?


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