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Hype Machine Show/CD Swap at Housing Works

Hype Machine Housing Works show
Come out to our first event of the year in NYC! Enjoy some much-needed Cuddle Magic, check out Shark?, and get excited for the new album from The Morning Benders.

Best of all, bring your used CDs to swap and donate to Housing Works. That’s right, dig into those shoe boxes under your bed, go into your storage cube, and bring out all those CDs you don’t play anymore, but just couldn’t bear to let go. Ramones anthologies, Slanted and Enchanted, P-Funk compilations, everything you’ve got. We’ll all browse the stacks, evaluate our friends’ taste in music, and realize that yeah, I really should own this album. It’ll be like clicking on someone’s Hype Machine profile and picking up recommendations, except these songs come with artwork.

A ticket for 1 free CD is included with your admission. All proceeds from the show, as well as the unswapped CDs, will be donated to Housing Works’s fight to end homelessness and AIDS.


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