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Hopping for Health with Punk Rope

Hey, did you eat way too much this Thanksgiving weekend? Come jump it all off at Punk Rope on Monday, December 6th!

Punk Rope is an hour of punk rock recess, with relay races, fitness drills, and plenty of jumping, one Dropkick Murphys song at a time. It’s a ton of fun, and we’ll be there on Monday to work on our box jumps and support our friend Tim Haft’s school fitness initiative, Hopping for Health.

Hopping for Health is a rope-jumping program built with the idea that a play-oriented approach to fitness will get kids to move more. (Nearly 20% of Americans ages 6-19 are obese.) Punk Rope is raising funds to provide free Hopping for Health workshops to schools in need of a PE class that kids want to go to. You can help by buying a Beat Inactivity Senseless raffle ticket for some awesome prizes. We’ll also be raffling off our last limited-edition MIXA in class:

So on December 6, 7PM, tear yourself away from your monitor, and come to the 14th Street Y (344 E. 14th Street, b/w 1st and 2nd Avenues, NYC). Don’t live here? Check out a Punk Rope class near you, or try your luck at a mailable raffle prize (that Bouncing Souls tee is mighty nice!)


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