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Some more updates

We’re always making new stuff, but we frequently forget to tell you about it. Sorry :/ Here’s what we’ve been working on in addition to our site redesign:

Zeitgeist: We’ve meticulously restored all four years of our Zeitgeists (2007-2010). Browse, remind yourself of some great music you may have forgotten, and sign up to be notified when Zeitgeist 2011 launches.

Twitter @s: When you share a track on Twitter, we @ the artists to let them know people are talking about their music. Catch an incorrect Twitter handle? Let us know.

Blog shuffle: One of our members wrote in asking if he could shuffle a blog page, to discover some older tracks he may have missed. Now you can choose “Shuffle” from the drop down menu on every blog listing. Thanks, Dave!

Keyboard shortcuts: A combination of vi/Winamp/arrow shortcuts for navigating the tracks:

Next track: n j b →
Previous track: p k z ←
Play / pause: x, c, spacebar
Stop: v
Heart: l h f

Do you use others? No spacebar for now; too many people use that to scroll.

Bandcamp support: We now pick up Bandcamp track embeds on the blogs in our list.

Tea: Blackcurrant, Earl Grey, peppermint, and lemon ginger have been added to our pantry.


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