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Thanks for being with us in 2011

Anthony, founder of the Hype Machine here.

Just wanted to say thanks for being with us this year.

It’s our sixth year of running the site, the biggest yet. The list of things that have happened is long, but among them:

• Reached 1 million registered users (that’s you!)
• Made the site play on iPhoneAndroid & Windows phones (with the help of our awesome developer community)
• Launched a prototype of Fast Forward, an even faster way to dive into something new
• Almost had SBTRKT DJ a party (but the police shut it down)
• Definitely had a blast at our SXSW show with Mount Kimbie, Jamie Woon & more
• Premiered 45 new albums a week before their release
• Received report of a Hype Machine tattoo
• Got an office (for the first time ever!)

It’s refreshing to be around people (you!) that are obsessed with finding something new daily, fighting that seductive feeling of familiarity and laziness.

It’s also really exciting that we are not alone. If you want to listen to new things, there is now a whole world waiting for you. We have 8tracksThis is My JamSoundCloudevery music blog out there, and many more places on the web. It’s an exciting time.

So, thanks for being with us, we like it. Stay tuned for Zeitgeist 2011 on January 2nd!

Happy Holidays,

Anthony & Team Hype Machine.


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