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CMJ for the adventurous: Portals + S&S show at Silent Barn

Last July, I biked over to a post-apocalyptic loft roof to catch a bit of FMLY FEST. I ended up seeing Headaches and Megafortress, who both created a pleasant wall of noise. But in addition to the music, I couldn’t help but notice the energy of the crew who organized the event: rolling with occasional bouts of rain and running a ton of equipment up and down seemingly infinite flights of stairs.

It felt like a group of friends got together to celebrate some music using any means they could – even if it meant opening umbrellas over Yohuna and her gear as threatening weather set in. This seems like the energy that David Byrne appears to miss in NY, and it was exciting to find it in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

When I heard that some like-minded folks were involved in an upcoming event during CMJ, at beloved Brooklyn art space Silent Barn, I knew that Hype Machine should find a way to help (even if that meant buying umbrellas ahead of time).

With this show, Portals and Stadiums & Shrines are designing an environment, far off the CMJ grid and formula, to showcase artists they believe in. Acts are coming from as far as Canada and California to perform. It happens Wednesday night, October 16th at 7PM. We’re happy to help make this a free entry event and offer you a preview of what is sure to a beautiful evening, in the player below. RSVP here.

Photo via @stadiumsshrines.

Update: check out photo recaps of the event here and here.


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