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New Album Premiere Pages

We’ve launched a beautiful new way to experience our featured album premieres. After looking around, we realized there wasn’t anything that properly balanced a clean and simple presentation with the album’s aesthetic. We set out to create an immersive page that isn’t distracting or overloaded with options. A page that won’t slow down your computer.

Drawing inspiration from some of our favorite music apps like Muxtape and This is My Jam, here’s what we came up with:
Better yet, check out the real thing, and enjoy Natasha Kmeto’s Crisis while you’re at it.

Since making them a function of our site in 2010, we’ve premiered over 100 albums. The last nine have lived in this improved platform, which quietly went live last April with Olafur Arnalds’ For Now I Am Winter. In short time these have amounted to quite the spectrum of sound and color (I’m especially partial to the pastels of Andy Cato’s Times & Places).

It also works on your phone in a browser or our iOS app, so don’t be afraid to open it up!
What do you think?

Update July 22, 2013: We’ve rebuilt the embeddable players for these premieres too, making them simple and elegant. Here’s one from the Young Hunting album below:

Hype Machine at The Great Escape (UK)

TGE Poster
The Hype Machine is stoked to be partnering with The Great Escape Festival again this year.

The festival is a great opportunity to check out dozens of the emerging bands and artists you may already have discovered here on the Hype Machine. In fact, we asked a bunch of our favorite UK-based blogs to highlight their top picks for who to see this week. Check out their Blogorithm here.

We’re also presenting a lineup of our own, featuring Chloe Howl, Coasts, Archipel and Blue Hawaii, plus UK blog Radio Clubfoot DJing between sets.

Join us on Saturday (18 May) from 12noon – 4pm inside the ornate Paganini Ballroom at the Old Ship Hotel to see some of the festival’s most hotly-tipped acts. Hope to see you there!

(Oh, and say hey to Joe if you catch him – he’s our man in the UK.)

Hype Hotel, presented by Taco Bell, at SXSW 2013

If it’s mid-April, we may have finally gotten enough sleep to tell you about our massive party at SXSW.

Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel, presented by Taco Bell, returned to Austin for another 5 days and nights of the best music being covered on music blogs. Aquarium DrunkardGorilla vs. BearStereogumI Guess I’m FloatingYVYNYLYours Truly and PORTALS  joined us to curate night and day parties, championing great artists just like they do every day on their sites.
Hype Hotel 2013
This year’s Hotel was the largest we’d ever built, with 1000+ capacity, even better sound, and even more lights. (Check out our making-of album here.) And once the doors opened, it filled up with all the unquantifiable stuff that makes live music so exciting—exuberant crowds, dancing (with friends), dancing (with strangers), boosting up a crowd surfer, and watching the band play that song, the one you first heard on the Hype Machine a month ago, that is now in your Obsessions list. It’s an incredible experience, and if you were at the Hotel this year, we’re sure you have some of your own favorite moments. If you didn’t make it, though, our partners Baebelmusic are putting up videos of full Hype Hotel sets every week—click here to watch.

None of this would have been possible without our presenting sponsor, Taco Bell, and their Feed The Beat program. Their support was essential in pulling off this gigantic endeavor, and our Hotel guests were especially grateful for all the free Doritos Locos Tacos and bean burritos they could eat (30,000 accounted for!) And of course, nobody left thirsty thanks to MillerTito’s Handmade Vodka, and Cabin Fever Whisky. Another big thanks to JakprintsBaeblemusicHigh End Systems, and Orange Amps for helping us make the event so great.

Were you there? Were you skanking to The Specials? Did you jump on stage and dance with !!!? Are you the guy that passed me a joint during Toro Y Moi? Tell us, we love hearing your stories.

To jog your memories, browse the gallery from our Lensley videobooth. Thank you for coming, and we’ll see you again next year!

Hype Hotel at SXSW 2013: Lineup & RSVP

Hype Hotel 2013
We had such a blast at Hype Hotel last year, that we just had to outdo ourselves this time! Hype Hotel 2013 will be in a larger space, so all the great things about the event will be even greater.

Hype Hotel, presented by Taco Bell in support of its Feed The Beat program, is eight days of music, drinks, and tacos, March 9-16, 2013 in Austin, TX at Whitley (3rd & San Jacinto).

Lineups are curated by the Hype Machine team and the excellent Aquarium DrunkardGorilla vs. Bear, StereogumI Guess I’m Floating, YVYNYLYours Truly and PORTALS. The event recreates the Hype Machine experience in real life, so that you can get away from listening to all this music on your phones, and come see it live. It’s better, really.

Passion Pit will also perform at Hype Hotel on March 11 with fellow Feed the Beat artist Wildcat! Wildcat! as part of Taco Bell’s first-of-its-kind rockumentary film – which will be created by fans online or at the show using #FeedtheBeat, and through a customizable live stream on

A huge thanks to our presenting sponsor, Taco Bell, and sponsors: MillerTito’s Handmade VodkaJakprints, BaeblemusicHigh End SystemsOrange Amps, Lensley Automatic, and Cabin Fever Whisky.

RSVP is now open for free day shows. Night shows are open to SXSW badges/wristbands.

Choose your own adventure: Popularity + genre feeds

While Hype Machine is all about breaking you out of the genres you are comfortable with, we do know that the desire for the guilty pleasures of familiarity exist.

That’s why we’ve made the genre view available on the site some time ago. It uses tags for each of the blogged tracks, and organizes them accordingly.

Recently we’ve been testing a new enhancement to this page. It lets you filter the tracks that show up in a given genre by the number of favorites they’ve received. So you can adjust your level of adventurousness here: early listener (between 0 and 25 favorites) or comfortably popular (500+ favorites).

Which one will you choose?



Let us know what you think!


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