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Zeitgeist 2013: Most-blogged Artists and Tracks of the Year

Hype Machine Zeitgeist 2013
It’s here! Since 2007, the Hype Machine Music Blog Zeitgeist is our annual roundup of the year’s most exciting music. Here’s what we have for you this time:

Top 50 Artists: We analyzed all posts in 2013 to find the 50 most-discussed artists, and asked Séamus Gallagher to illustrate. Listen to a track from each of the artists while you scroll, and click through to their latest release.

Top 50 Tracks: We compiled a list of tracks favorited the most on the site throughout the year, and asked some of the year’s top artists to make a mix. The first one up is from HAIM, and we’ve got more coming every day this week. You can also see the full track list here.

Enjoy this look back at the music of 2013! And if you’re looking for more best-of music lists, Largehearted Boy has the ultimate resource.

As an extra bonus, we’ve also compiled the list of album premieres that we have had in 2013, and restored the older Zeitgeist releases from 2007-2012 to their former glory. Let the archivist in you dive in!

Thank you for being with us this year.

UPDATE: As if it wasn’t enough, we also wrapped up 2013 in UK blogs along with BBC6 Music. Give it a listen!

Sonos X Hype Machine

Our Sonos app is LIVE! In this release, we’ve added the ability to listen to every blog in our Blog Directory, and your Feed. You can favorite tracks right from the app, and your listening is recorded in your Listening History on the site as well.

Connect via Preferences > Services > The Hype Machine.

Some very cool things are happening in celebration of our partnership with Sonos:

Parties! We are very excited to be able to bring Rudimental’s excellent DJ set across the globe, from NYC back to London. Join us for drinks, prizes, and an intimate performance that, if earlier shows are any indication, might bring the house down. RSVP below:

Brooklyn, November 6:
London, November 13:

In the spirit of worldwide music discovery, Sonos will also be presenting a global Spy page on the site. Watch #HMSonos for news and updates on all the Sonos/Hype Machine events.

CMJ for the adventurous: Portals + S&S show at Silent Barn

Last July, I biked over to a post-apocalyptic loft roof to catch a bit of FMLY FEST. I ended up seeing Headaches and Megafortress, who both created a pleasant wall of noise. But in addition to the music, I couldn’t help but notice the energy of the crew who organized the event: rolling with occasional bouts of rain and running a ton of equipment up and down seemingly infinite flights of stairs.

It felt like a group of friends got together to celebrate some music using any means they could – even if it meant opening umbrellas over Yohuna and her gear as threatening weather set in. This seems like the energy that David Byrne appears to miss in NY, and it was exciting to find it in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

When I heard that some like-minded folks were involved in an upcoming event during CMJ, at beloved Brooklyn art space Silent Barn, I knew that Hype Machine should find a way to help (even if that meant buying umbrellas ahead of time).

With this show, Portals and Stadiums & Shrines are designing an environment, far off the CMJ grid and formula, to showcase artists they believe in. Acts are coming from as far as Canada and California to perform. It happens Wednesday night, October 16th at 7PM. We’re happy to help make this a free entry event and offer you a preview of what is sure to a beautiful evening, in the player below. RSVP here.

Photo via @stadiumsshrines.

Update: check out photo recaps of the event here and here.

Hype Machine for BlackBerry 10

I’ve been a BlackBerry user for 7 years, so it was naturally exciting when BlackBerry showed interest in working with us on a native Hype Machine app for their new line of phones. With their support and the team at Smoke Labs, we were able to make this app a reality!

The first release of the app is now out, with more updates on the way to make stumbling into great music as much fun as it is on the web. The team at CrackBerry also got excited about the release and has more to say there.

If you are wielding a BlackBerry Q5, Q10 or Z10 phones, check out the app!

Introducing: Blog Recommender

Blogs have always been vital to what we do—they are the reason the Hype Machine exists and helps you discover new music. Folks asked for a better way to discover blogs in our directory (and keep their feeds fresh). We tested a number of approaches and landed on the Blog Recommender. The feature is rather simple: it generates a list of recommended blogs based on tracks you’ve loved.

There’s an amazing and ever-evolving community of bloggers out there. We hope the Recommender will help you find more of them!

Let us know how it works for you.


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