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Mid-Year Zeitgeist + Ones to Watch


Recently we teamed up with BBC Radio 6 Music to once again present a special half-year Music Blog Zeitgeist, looking at the most-blogged artists of 2014 thus far. Listen to BBC’s Tom Robinson countdown the top 20 here.

In addition to the overall list, we refreshed our Ones To Watch feature for the second half of the year. As before, this uses Zeitgeist data to pinpoint newly-emerging artists by applying two simple qualifiers: it’s their first time on the most-blogged list, and they’ve yet to release a full-length LP. Tracks from those artists can heard paired with words from the very blogs that posted them, here.

Portals’ Living Spaces: Baltimore

Emily Reo
We’ve always been fans of the Portals community—what they do both on and offline. This led to supporting a rather adventurous balloon-filled night last October (that’s Emily Reo pictured above). And now we’re happy to help them continue their traveling showcase series called Living Spaces. The first event happened earlier this month in Brooklyn, and the next will take place in Baltimore on August 8th.

In their words, what it’s all about:

“Reaching out to old and new friends, we’ll move from city to city, occupying a unique independent space in each one. For each event, we’ll collaborate with local visual and multidisciplinary artists to construct large-scale spatial installations. Our overarching intent is to create inhabitable space for live performance–space where everyone can engage wholeheartedly with the present experience. We hope to include both more familiar and less familiar visual artists, musicians, audiences, and places.”

Explore the sights and sounds of each artist (and RSVP if near Baltimore) here.

Hype Machine Stack

Hype Machine Stack

Stack is our latest experiment in delivering the most interesting music on the web directly to you. It’s a short newsletter highlighting some tracks that are getting attention on the site, compiled weekly by the Hype Machine team. If you liked listening to Hype Machine Radio for a quick rundown of new music, you’ll like Stack.

Listen to a recent mix and subscribe here:

Playlists! On Hype Machine!

Playlists on Hype Machine

As you’ve discovered more and more music on Hype Machine, you’ve probably wished there was a way to categorize your finds. A way to revisit the dancey things while planning a party mix,  just hear the slower tracks, or find that spoken-word piece again. Now you finally can!

When favoriting a track, you can add it to one of three playlists—Up, Down, and Weird. These are the categories we use, but you can rename them (long-press the title, Emoji welcome!). You can also put your existing favorites into these categories. Just swipe across each track and pick the list that fits best. The tracks in each list show up in the same order as in your favorites.

This is among the most requested Hype Machine features, so we’ve put a ton of thought into making it fit the experience. Our goal since 2005 has been helping you find new music to fall in love with. You can stumble into all kinds of different stuff here, and these playlists will help you remember everything great you’ve found, in any category.

But really, I just can’t wait for you to try this out. Let us know what you think!

We are 9!


It’s hard to believe it has been 9 years since people started using Hype Machine. In this time, they’ve been able to graduate high school and college, complete their dissertations, start families, sell companies, and so much more.

And along the way, over a million and a half of them have found new music. I am really proud we could make this possible.

During this year, we’ve been busy! We:

Of course, we are never done. We are still working to find ways to delight you that are different, refreshing, and offer you an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Thanks for listening!


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