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More on Integrity and Promotion

In just over a week, our post, “On Chart Integrity,” has attracted a ton of attention from bloggers, artists, and magazines.  I am excited that we could start such a conversation about music, marketing, and integrity on the web.

To move it in a new direction we’ve removed the list of artists in the earlier post.  Even though we’ve made it clear that it was impossible for us to identify the people creating the accounts & favoriting the content (nor was it possible to determine the relationship that those people have with the artists), it was still tempting for some readers to jump to conclusions.

Discussing such conclusions distracted us from the real question. Neil Cartwright, who works with Master Shortie, refocused the conversation by asking: What is the difference between hype & promotion, when is it marketing or manipulation and where is the balance?

Judging by the responses we’ve received to our earlier post, there are many answers to this question, some of which we seriously disagree with.  We think the answer is simple: make great music and do the right thing.  Work with people who will do the same.

Quality is hyperefficient, so much of the marketing will happen on its own.  The rest will be about getting your amazing music out there in a way that’s consistent with you and how you work.

Where is that line for you? What is promotion and what’s manipulation?


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