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Playlists! On Hype Machine!

Playlists on Hype Machine

As you’ve discovered more and more music on Hype Machine, you’ve probably wished there was a way to categorize your finds. A way to revisit the dancey things while planning a party mix,  just hear the slower tracks, or find that spoken-word piece again. Now you finally can!

When favoriting a track, you can add it to one of three playlists—Up, Down, and Weird. These are the categories we use, but you can rename them (long-press the title, Emoji welcome!). You can also put your existing favorites into these categories. Just swipe across each track and pick the list that fits best. The tracks in each list show up in the same order as in your favorites.

This is among the most requested Hype Machine features, so we’ve put a ton of thought into making it fit the experience. Our goal since 2005 has been helping you find new music to fall in love with. You can stumble into all kinds of different stuff here, and these playlists will help you remember everything great you’ve found, in any category.

But really, I just can’t wait for you to try this out. Let us know what you think!

Ones To Watch 2014

Ones To Watch 2014

A few weeks back we shared our annual Zeitgeist. One of its features is Top 50 Artists, which counts down the most-blogged acts of the year. The list is always telling of our times, both as a music blog community and an industry at large. What becomes popular on blogs no doubt informs and reflects what is, or will be, popular elsewhere. Each year when approaching this project, we see the distance between what is and will be, getting a little smaller, or perhaps that area a little grayer. Credit this to things moving faster, and that blogs, while still ever-ahead of the curve, are now also an established piece of the overall infrastructure in which new music is discussed. So it makes sense that when an established act like Daft Punk or Phoenix release an album, they are going to make the list. It’s awesome that our data shows this. But, as nerds here ourselves, and in the founding spirit of HM, we got curious. Bloggers still dig daily for the next will be’s. And we thought: how can those findings be better highlighted?

Enter: Ones To Watch 2014

We revisited the list of most-blogged artists and removed any name that has appeared on a previous Zeitgeist or has already released a full-length LP. What remained were the extra-emerging acts—the ones who made a name for themselves last year (and likely no year prior), on the strength of a few tracks, maybe an EP, etc. The ones to keep an eye on. Hope you find this as fun as we did.

Hype Machine for BlackBerry 10

I’ve been a BlackBerry user for 7 years, so it was naturally exciting when BlackBerry showed interest in working with us on a native Hype Machine app for their new line of phones. With their support and the team at Smoke Labs, we were able to make this app a reality!

The first release of the app is now out, with more updates on the way to make stumbling into great music as much fun as it is on the web. The team at CrackBerry also got excited about the release and has more to say there.

If you are wielding a BlackBerry Q5, Q10 or Z10 phones, check out the app!

BBC Radio 6 Music Zeitgeist & Underhyped Recs

BBC Radio 6 & Hype Machine

We’re partnering with BBC Radio 6 Music once again to present the mid-year Music Blog Zeitgeist. Listen on July 7 at 18:00 for the countdown of the top 20 most-blogged artists of the year (so far!)

We were also curious to hear which artists the bloggers thought were under-blogged. Read and listen to their recommendations here.

Found something new to love? Join in the conversation on Twitter using #Blog6Music

Hype Hotel, presented by Taco Bell, at SXSW 2013

If it’s mid-April, we may have finally gotten enough sleep to tell you about our massive party at SXSW.

Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel, presented by Taco Bell, returned to Austin for another 5 days and nights of the best music being covered on music blogs. Aquarium DrunkardGorilla vs. BearStereogumI Guess I’m FloatingYVYNYLYours Truly and PORTALS  joined us to curate night and day parties, championing great artists just like they do every day on their sites.
Hype Hotel 2013
This year’s Hotel was the largest we’d ever built, with 1000+ capacity, even better sound, and even more lights. (Check out our making-of album here.) And once the doors opened, it filled up with all the unquantifiable stuff that makes live music so exciting—exuberant crowds, dancing (with friends), dancing (with strangers), boosting up a crowd surfer, and watching the band play that song, the one you first heard on the Hype Machine a month ago, that is now in your Obsessions list. It’s an incredible experience, and if you were at the Hotel this year, we’re sure you have some of your own favorite moments. If you didn’t make it, though, our partners Baebelmusic are putting up videos of full Hype Hotel sets every week—click here to watch.

None of this would have been possible without our presenting sponsor, Taco Bell, and their Feed The Beat program. Their support was essential in pulling off this gigantic endeavor, and our Hotel guests were especially grateful for all the free Doritos Locos Tacos and bean burritos they could eat (30,000 accounted for!) And of course, nobody left thirsty thanks to MillerTito’s Handmade Vodka, and Cabin Fever Whisky. Another big thanks to JakprintsBaeblemusicHigh End Systems, and Orange Amps for helping us make the event so great.

Were you there? Were you skanking to The Specials? Did you jump on stage and dance with !!!? Are you the guy that passed me a joint during Toro Y Moi? Tell us, we love hearing your stories.

To jog your memories, browse the gallery from our Lensley videobooth. Thank you for coming, and we’ll see you again next year!


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