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Hype Hotel 2015: Lineup and RSVP

We’re back with five more days of blogger-curated showcases, celebrating 10 years of Hype Machine! (Though it’s only our seventh SXSW.)

Each year, Hype Hotel, presented by Feed The Beat, brings the Hype Machine experience to life with lineups of the best new artists being discussed on music blogs. 2015’s excellent day and night shows have been selected by YVYNYL, Turntable Kitchen, All Things Go, Blah Blah Blah Science, Consequence of Sound, Gorilla vs. Bear, Crack In The Road, Disco Naivete, Cruel Rhythm, ISO50, Unholy Rhythms, and Pigeons & Planes, along with the Hype Machine team and Conflict of Interest.

Special thanks to our presenting partner Taco Bell, and sponsors #HypeOn Mazda, Tito’s Handmade Vodka, and Miller for providing food, refreshments, and making the event possible. More thanks to ROBEOrange Amps, and High End Systems for making it look and sound amazing, and Eventbrite for powering our RSVP

Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel:  1100 E 5th St, March 17-21

RSVP is now open for free Day shows. SXSW badges/wristbands have priority, but a limited number of Day wristbands will be admitted to Night shows.

All shows are 21+

Hype Hotel 2015

Happy New Year/Thanks Austin + Portals

Living Spaces Austin
Living Spaces Austin

2015 opened on a vibrant note at Austin-based creative space, The Museum of Human Achievement. The 3rd installment of Living Spaces, Portals’ traveling showcase series, featured sets from JUBILEE, Ellie Herring, Holly Waxwing, and Wez, with an installation by artist Beth Link. We’re thrilled, as always, to have supported it.

Piece together (or relive) the night via this photo essay by Daniel Dorsa, and the sampler mix below.

Living Spaces Austin

Portals’ Living Spaces: Austin (NYE)

Living Spaces

Living Spaces is a traveling showcase series organized by our friends at Portals. Their next destination is Austin, on New Year’s Eve. We’re once again happy to be supporting the event, as the first two, in Brooklyn (pictured above) and Baltimore, were exceptional.

In their words, what it’s all about:

“Reaching out to old and new friends, we’ll move from city to city, occupying a unique independent space in each one. For each event, we’ll collaborate with local visual and multidisciplinary artists to construct large-scale spatial installations. Our overarching intent is to create inhabitable space for live performance–space where everyone can engage wholeheartedly with the present experience. We hope to include both more familiar and less familiar visual artists, musicians, audiences, and places.”

Explore the sights and sounds of each artist (and RSVP if ringing in 2015 in Texas) here.

Shirts are back!

Logo tee

We’ve restocked our Merch shop with new tees. They feature a soft print of our logo bubble, and feel very nice. Get one!

All of our t-shirts are silkscreened by Paul and Mookie at City Dog Screen Printing in NYC. Most of the screens have been reclaimed, but 1 or 2 of the old designs are still in this rack here ↓

In the shop

Do you have any of them? All of them? Send pics!

Android app!

Hype Machine Android app

Our Android app is finally out and you can get it here. It is very nice to use, has all the major features of the site, and does not have ads or monthly fees.

Thank you to all the Android users for your patience; this is the fastest we could build something well-made given our constraints.


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