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Portals’ Living Spaces: Baltimore

Emily Reo
We’ve always been fans of the Portals community—what they do both on and offline. This led to supporting a rather adventurous balloon-filled night last October (that’s Emily Reo pictured above). And now we’re happy to help them continue their traveling showcase series called Living Spaces. The first event happened earlier this month in Brooklyn, and the next will take place in Baltimore on August 8th.

In their words, what it’s all about:

“Reaching out to old and new friends, we’ll move from city to city, occupying a unique independent space in each one. For each event, we’ll collaborate with local visual and multidisciplinary artists to construct large-scale spatial installations. Our overarching intent is to create inhabitable space for live performance–space where everyone can engage wholeheartedly with the present experience. We hope to include both more familiar and less familiar visual artists, musicians, audiences, and places.”

Explore the sights and sounds of each artist (and RSVP if near Baltimore) here.

Hype Machine Stack

Hype Machine Stack

Stack is our latest experiment in delivering the most interesting music on the web directly to you. It’s a short newsletter highlighting some tracks that are getting attention on the site, compiled weekly by the Hype Machine team. If you liked listening to Hype Machine Radio for a quick rundown of new music, you’ll like Stack. Subscribe here:

We are 9!


It’s hard to believe it has been 9 years since people started using Hype Machine. In this time, they’ve been able to graduate high school and college, complete their dissertations, start families, sell companies, and so much more.

And along the way, over a million and a half of them have found new music. I am really proud we could make this possible.

During this year, we’ve been busy! We:

Of course, we are never done. We are still working to find ways to delight you that are different, refreshing, and offer you an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Thanks for listening!

Hype Hotel 2014: Lineup & RSVP

We’re back! For the third year in a row, Hype Hotel, presented by Taco Bell’s Feed The Beat program, will be bringing blogger-curated music showcases to Austin.

Hype Machine tracks music that bloggers all around the world are talking about and presents it all in one place for easy discovery. That’s also what we do at Hype Hotel. This year’s lineups have been selected by the terrific Consequence of Sound, I Guess I’m Floating, #MEGABLAAG, Gorilla Vs. Bear, Yours Truly, Crack In The Road, Disco Naïveté, Cruel Rhythm, ISO50, and No Fear of Pop, along with the Hype Machine team and Conflict of Interest. If you love listening to music they write about on your laptop, you’ll really love hearing it live.

We’ll have the usual great stuff—drinks, tacos, Austin’s busiest photobooth, and plenty of giveaways. New this year: the Vengo Vending Machine, dispensing awesome prizes to Hotel guests. Try it out!

Hype Hotel would not be possible without our presenting sponsor, Taco Bell, and their Feed The Beat program. Dedicated to fostering music discovery, Feed The Beat selects 100 artists every year to receive $500 in Taco Bell gift cards. Submissions are now open at

Big thanks to our sponsors:  MillerTito’s Handmade VodkaJakprintsOrange Amps,  High End Systems, and Eventbrite for powering our RSVP

Hype Machine’s Hype Hotel:  505 East 7th Street (between Neches/Red River), March 11-16.

RSVP is now open for free day shows.  SXSW badges/wristbands have priority, but a very limited number of Day wristbands may be admitted.

All shows are 21+

Hype Hotel 2014

Zeitgeist 2013: Most-blogged Artists and Tracks of the Year

Hype Machine Zeitgeist 2013
It’s here! Since 2007, the Hype Machine Music Blog Zeitgeist is our annual roundup of the year’s most exciting music. Here’s what we have for you this time:

Top 50 Artists: We analyzed all posts in 2013 to find the 50 most-discussed artists, and asked Séamus Gallagher to illustrate. Listen to a track from each of the artists while you scroll, and click through to their latest release.

Top 50 Tracks: We compiled a list of tracks favorited the most on the site throughout the year, and asked some of the year’s top artists to make a mix. The first one up is from HAIM, and we’ve got more coming every day this week. You can also see the full track list here.

Enjoy this look back at the music of 2013! And if you’re looking for more best-of music lists, Largehearted Boy has the ultimate resource.

As an extra bonus, we’ve also compiled the list of album premieres that we have had in 2013, and restored the older Zeitgeist releases from 2007-2012 to their former glory. Let the archivist in you dive in!

Thank you for being with us this year.

UPDATE: As if it wasn’t enough, we also wrapped up 2013 in UK blogs along with BBC6 Music. Give it a listen!


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