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New: Good mixes

In each Stack newsletter, we share a long mix we’re enjoying that week. We’ve collected them all on our new Mixes page, for times when you just want to sit back and listen. There are artist guest mixes, radio show archives, DJ sets, and more; categorized very roughly by energy (Up, Down, Weird, like our playlists). That’s over 100 hours of uninterrupted music. Perfect for your next cross-continent drive.

Zeitgeist 2018

It’s been another year of great music, and we are proud to bring you Zeitgeist 2018!

We analyzed the posts in our index to figure out which artists made an impression this year. The feature is split into two segments: the 25 Most Posted artists of 2018, and Breakthroughs—the artists making their Zeitgeist debut.

We also brought back a classic: Zeitgeist mixes. We’ll be sharing guest mixes by some of our favorite artists, starting today with one by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

For supporters, there is a playlist of 2018’s most popular tracks in the community. And, in the Reads section, a few of the long-form pieces about music we’ve featured in our weekly newsletter.

Thanks for listening with us this year.

A year of crowdfunding Hype Machine

Hard to believe, but it’s been a whole year since we launched our funding campaign. Thanks to our supporters, the three of us have been able to …

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Zeitgeist 2017

It’s Zeitgeist time! We’re back with our annual collection of the year’s best music. Alongside the most-posted artists and videos of the year are two new features:

First is a reflection from some of the people who defined the year in emerging music. We asked artists featured in our Stack newsletter for their favorite music discoveries of 2017. Their answers—songs, videos, mixes, books, experiences—are collected in the Stacks section.

The next feature is exclusively for current Hype Machine supporters: a playlist containing the most popular tracks of the year according to data from the supporter community.

Dive in!

Funding Q&A

Three months into our funding campaign, we have been encouraged by the outpouring of support. A lot of work is still ahead: while we’re now over 3,000 supporters strong, your contributions remain key for us to invest in new features and improvements to our mobile apps.
We noticed that some of our supporters occasionally had questions before signing up. I’ve gathered a few that have come up frequently, hopefully these can clarify a few details.
Q: What happened? Why are you running this campaign?
A: Over the years, we had primarily been funded by banner ads. Today, ad spending has mostly shifted to a handful of larger sites/social networks. But that doesn’t mean Hype Machine should stop working—there’s still more new music to find!
Q: I already bought your app. Why should I pay again?
A: Thanks for buying the app! These one-time payments helped its development at the time, but they can’t support our company in the long term.
Q: Weren’t you bought by SoundCloud?
A: No, we have no financial relationship with SoundCloud. They do host a lot of the music that people are writing about, though, and we have supported their embeddable players since 2008.
Q: Can you bring back offline mode? What about Sonos integration?
A: We’ve had to remove offline listening from our iPhone app, and make changes to Sonos functionality at SoundCloud’s request. One way to continue listening offline is to sync your favorites with a premium SoundCloud or Spotify account and listen to the playlist in those apps. The playlist will be automatically updated as you find new tracks on Hype Machine, and you can play it on Sonos as well. Link your accounts here.
Q: Where will the money go?
A: All of the subscription revenue goes to pay for servers (20%), salaries and health care for our team (80%). As more supporters join, we’ll be able to invest in improving our mobile apps and building new features.
Q: What do I get as a supporter?
A: No ads, access to a supporter-only group playlist, stickers at the $6+ level, and Hype Machine will keep running and making new stuff.

More questions? Check out an article discussing this campaign in The Outline, and ask away.

If you’ve enjoyed our work, become a supporter.


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