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Zeitgeist 2019

Revisit the best music of 2019 in our 13th annual Zeitgeist!

We analyzed our data for artists who made an impression with writers in our index. You can listen in two ways: the 25 Most Posted artists of 2019, and Breakthroughs—the artists making their Zeitgeist debut this year.

Hype Machine is sustained by our community of supporters. And because our supporters are some of the most passionate listeners here, they’re also the best at spotting great new music. You can listen to their top finds in the Tracks playlist. (Supporters always have access to an exclusive Supporter Selects playlist—become a supporter to join in.)

As we reflected on the music that made our year, we wanted to find a way to thank the artists who made it. So we built Merch Table to find and buy your favorite releases on Bandcamp (it works with your favorites, and Spotify playlists as well). We know just how much direct support matters.

Thanks for listening with us this year.   

State of Hype Machine’s Crowdfunding: Year Two

Welcome to our yearly State of Hype Machine’s Crowdfunding update. We’ve been doing this for over two years now, and would like to share with you…

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Loved by – your music neighbors

Your friends may not always share your taste in music. Luckily, plenty of folks on Hype Machine do. Our new “Loved by” feature on your Favorites page (desktop only, for now) shows people who also favorited these tracks. Chances are, you’ll like some of the other stuff they’ve been into, and discover a few new gems.

Try it out!

New: Good mixes

In each Stack newsletter, we share a long mix we’re enjoying that week. We’ve collected them all on our new Mixes page, for times when you just want to sit back and listen. There are artist guest mixes, radio show archives, DJ sets, and more; categorized very roughly by energy (Up, Down, Weird, like our playlists). That’s over 100 hours of uninterrupted music. Perfect for your next cross-continent drive.

Zeitgeist 2018

It’s been another year of great music, and we are proud to bring you Zeitgeist 2018!

We analyzed the posts in our index to figure out which artists made an impression this year. The feature is split into two segments: the 25 Most Posted artists of 2018, and Breakthroughs—the artists making their Zeitgeist debut.

We also brought back a classic: Zeitgeist mixes. We’ll be sharing guest mixes by some of our favorite artists, starting today with one by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith.

For supporters, there is a playlist of 2018’s most popular tracks in the community. And, in the Reads section, a few of the long-form pieces about music we’ve featured in our weekly newsletter.

Thanks for listening with us this year.


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